Pam, Shelton WA

​ My name is Bev Miller and I have recently moved my 88 year old mother from an assisted living facility to Carlstrom Comfort Living in Shelton. I was very concerned about this move and did not know how my mother would respond. After being there for a few days, my mother told me she didn't know how we found such a wonderful place for her to live. She has been included and feels like "family." 

The quality of care is outstanding. Tera is a very kind, warm person and it shows in her care giving. When my mother lived in the assisted living facility she would often isolate herself in her room. She is now out of her room enjoying the people and the animals instead of taking a nap. Now she interacts more with us as well as with the children and the family of Carlstrom Comfort Living. She loves going for ice cream when Tera takes her for an outing. Most importantly she is much, much happier.

We have open communication with Tera and fell free to stop by at anytime. I only wish we would have found this wonderful living situation sooner. I would highly recommend Tera Carlstrom and Carlstrom Comfort Living

Bev, Shelton WA

I feel so fortunate to have found Carlstrom Comfort Living for my father. He had been in a nursing home after having a stroke and was so unhappy. Finding Carlstrom Comfort was a true godsend. My dad was happy from day one. He enjoyed the small animals and children especially. He formed a close bond with a little dog in particular named Roo and it was so wonderful to see how he would light up when he would pet this little dog. The care he received was exceptional and my dad commented many times how he was so well taken care of. It put my mind at ease knowing he was in such a safe and caring environment. He was truly treated like family. It was the next best thing to having him home with us.

Judy, Shelton, WA

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"My Mom lived at Carlstrom Comfort Living for about 2 years. I was worried when it came time for her to be moved out of her own apartment that she would have difficulty adjusting to an Adult Family Home setting. There was never a problem because of the comfortable, loving environment Tera provides. Mom received outstanding care. She was treated with respect and always with kindness and attention to what made her comfortable and happy. They provided healthy, homemade meals and included the residents in holiday celebrations. Mom loved the dogs and cats that share the home. Tera makes every effort to keep the residents active and moving. They made lots of fun and creative crafts. I very much appreciated that I was always kept informed of all things pertaining to Mom. I highly recommend Carlstrom Comfort Living to anyone needing a caring, capable home for an elderly parent."

Vicki, Shelton WA

"Carlstrom Comfort Living is a wonderful home environment for anyone needing an increased level of care. The home its self is beautifully decorated and immediately gives off a warm and relaxing vibe. The care you receive at carlstrom comfort living is individualized and tailored to fit the individual needs of each resident. Everyone is really treated with so much compassion and care. It truly is a home where everyone is treated like family."